Start of a passion...

At an early age, Nora and Elsenoor Louise van Weezendonk, mother and daughter, one a painter and sculptress, the other a jewelry designer, joined their creativity and started their jewelry line:

NoraLou art à porter I art to wear

Why are these so special? Based on the principle of recuperation of materials and different objects they find on flea-markets, in the attics, second hand shops but also in nature.

The searching for materials has become a passion and so constitutes one of the most important aspects for the creation of their jewelry.

As a consequence, every single piece is unique. The value of these creations is not derived from the materials used, but from the esthetic and artistic effect they represent. These are refined veritable small sculptures, which they describe as: “Art a porter I Art to wear”


“We love hunting for all kind of materials together, thus you can find us wandering over fleamarkets, rummaging through old boxes in order to find the starting point of all the beautiful new creations.”

Nora van Weezendonk Hollander

Born in The Hague, The Netherlands. Became interested in art at the age of 17. Learned different techniques such as collages, drawing, painting, mosaïc, patchwork pictures and sculpture. Followed courses at the non denominational universities of Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, The Hague, Arnhem and Braine L’Alleud.

Prizes and Citations

  • Twice mentioned in “Margriet” for patchwork pictures, The Netherlands.
  • The Talens prize for sculpture, The Netherlands.
  • Winner at the “Communications” exhibition Bedford Art Gallery, 1983, Belgium.
  • Presse prize and Jury prize during exhibition organised by the Ministry of Transport, Belgium
  • Citation for sculpture by the Community of Braine L’Alleud, Belgium.


  • Work permanently exhibited at the Musée d’Art Spontané et naïf in Woluwé Saint Lambert, Belgium. (Fabric + terra cotta on wood panel)
  • Particpated with other artists in the illustration of the book “Waterloo et le Brabant Wallon”
  • Participated in many collective exhibitions in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.
  • Exhibited at the “Maison des Notaires” in Brussels from 12/85 to 01/86.
  • Participated with the jewelry in the Modea Bruxellas event, Belgium
  • “Reinvintaged” – Galerie Beyond Fashion okt/dec 2010

Nora consistently finds new challenges in working with both new techniques and materials, as there are terra cotta, wood, porcelain, fabrics, papier mâché, metals, glass, ….

Since several years now, she also creates vintage style jewelry from unusual recycled & repurposed materials.

Elsenoor Louise van Weezendonk

Born in The Hague, The Netherlands and grown up in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

  • Goldsmith School (Schoonhoven)  
  • Jewelry design at “L’école des Arts & Métiers”.
  • Graduated from Goldsmith Antwerp Art Academy

Additionally she did an MBA at Solvay Business School which she completed with high honors in 1991.

Her love & passion for jewelry always accompanied her on her professional path as well.

She worked for the international jewelry & gemstone fair in Antwerp (Jedifa) for some time, as she also worked for the Joailliers Leysens & Frères and was employed as the jewelry buyer/merchandiser for the “Home Shopping” Channel in Benelux/France.

“Setting up your own line is not only about design, but there are also a lot of other aspects that come into play, like, purchase of materials, packaging, marketing, website design & management, etc… Due to my educational & professional background, I mostly take over these tasks. But of course, if I have some spare time, I take great pleasure & satisfaction in designing myself as well.

There are just too few hours in a day…!!”